Cyperus odoratus

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Cyperus odoratus. See image source here.

#708 They called me Cyperus odoratus, also known as Cyperus vahlii, Cyperus engelmannii, Torulinium eggersii, Cyperus eggersii, Cyperus oerstedii, Torulinium macrocephalum var. eggersii, Cyperus hamiltonii, Diclidium reinwardtii, Cyperus nortonii, Cyperus carruthii, Cyperus ferax var. engelmannii, Cyperus odoratus var. engelmannii, Cyperus ferax subsp. engelmannii, Cyperus macrocephalus var. eggersii, and Cyperus kurrii. I pay homage to the male botanists Martin Vahl, Henrik Franz Alexander von Eggers, Oersted (I couldn’t find his records), Reinwardt (I couldn’t find his records), John Bitting Smith Norton, Carruth (I couldn’t find his records), Johann Gottlob von Kurr, George Engelmann, or Georg Engelmann, and William Hamilton, Arthur Andrew Hamilton, Alexander Greenlaw Hamilton, or Arthur Hamilton. They first catalogued me in 1753.

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