Festuca rubra

This plant's image
Festuca rubra. See image source here.

#243 They called me Festuca rubra, also known as Festuca kirelowii, Festuca rubra subsp. kirelowii, Festuca alexeevii, Festuca waldsteinii, Festuca briquetii, Festuca rubra var. magnelii, Festuca halleri subsp. yvesii, and Festuca gaudinii. I pay homage to the male botanists Kirelow (I couldn’t find his records), Evgenii Borisovich Alexeev, Franz de Paula Adam von Waldstein, John Isaac Briquet, Magnel (I couldn’t find his records), Yves (I couldn’t find his records), and Charles-Théophile Gaudin. They first catalogued me in 1753.

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