Heliotropium steudneri

This plant's image
Heliotropium steudneri. See image source here.

#758 They called me Heliotropium steudneri, also known as Heliotropium nelsonii, Heliotropium rogersii, Heliotropium gorinii, Heliotropium eduardii, and Heliotropium chiatellinii. I pay homage to the male botanists Richard Sanders Rogers, Gorin (I couldn’t find his records), Eduard (I couldn’t find his records), Chiatellin (I couldn’t find his records), and Cirilo Nelson, Carl Z. Nelson, Ernest Charles Nelson, Elias Emanuel Nelson, Erich Nelson, Edward William Nelson, Ira Schreiber Nelson, David Nelson, or Aven Nelson. They first catalogued me in 1875.

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