Pandanus odorifer

This plant's image
Pandanus odorifer. See image source here.

#326 They called me Pandanus odorifer, also known as Pandanus fosbergii, Eydouxia delessertii, Pandanus phamhoangii, Pandanus delessertii, Pandanus hendersonii, Pandanus smitinandii, and Pandanus hartmanii. I pay homage to the male botanists Fosberg (I couldn’t find his records), Jules Paul Benjamin Delessert, Phamhoang (I couldn’t find his records), Smitinand (I couldn’t find his records), Carl Hartman, Carl Vilhelm Hartman, or Carl Johan Hartman, and George Henderson, Edward George Henderson, Murray Ross Henderson, Norlan C. Henderson, Andrew Augustus Henderson, Archibald Henderson, or Andrew Henderson. They first catalogued me in 1891.

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