Solanum album

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Solanum album. See image source here.

#14 They called me Solanum album, also known as Solanum gaudichaudii, Solanum cavanillesii, Solanum jacquinii, Solanum macannii, Solanum cumingii, Solanum melongena subsp. cumingii, Solanum requienii, Solanum junghuhnii, Solanum vincentii, Solanum nelsonii, Solanum heynii, and Solanum kurzii. I pay homage to the male botanists Gaudichaud (I couldn’t find his records), Antonio José Cavanilles, Macann (I couldn’t find his records), Hugh Cuming, Requien (I couldn’t find his records), Junghuhn (I couldn’t find his records), Vincent (I couldn’t find his records), Heyn (I couldn’t find his records), Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin, or Joseph Franz von Jacquin, Hermann Kurz, Holger Willibald Kurz, Wilhelm Sulpiz Kurz, or Albert Kurz, and Cirilo Nelson, Carl Z. Nelson, Ernest Charles Nelson, Elias Emanuel Nelson, Erich Nelson, Edward William Nelson, Ira Schreiber Nelson, David Nelson, or Aven Nelson. They first catalogued me in 1753.

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